Set Tools

Status: 2.1 - 02.03.2018


Maya 2017 - Dealing with crashing. Trying to nail down. Mainly stemming from marking menu.


cgmSetTools is a tool for working with selection sets in maya. The 2.0 rewrite was completed in September 2017.

What can I do with it?

  • Filter certain types of selection sets to work with
  • Mutiset functionality. Key,reset,delete key on muliple sets as once
  • Work with active sets on the fly while animating with the marking set (added in 2.1)

It's best to think of the tool in its two modes: Animation and Setup


  1. UI

    • Top cgm menu - CGM> animation> cgmSetTools
  2. Toolbox>TD>Rigging

  3. Toolbox>Anim

  4. Python

import as setTools

If you open the ui, you should see something like this:


The UI has two main parts. The top menu and body.


MultiSet Row

Only available with anim mode

  • [] - When checked or unchecked all of the checkboxes on all loaded objectSet rows will toggle to match

  • [<<< Active Sets>>>] - Toggle for two different multimodes.

    • Active sets - Only objectSets with their rows checked will be affected
    • All Loaded Sets - ALL loaded sets will be affected
  • K - Key the items of the objectSets

  • D - Delete any curent keys of items in the objectSets

  • R - Reset the items of the objectSets

ObjectSet Row

  • As previously discussed, certain modes have more options:

  • s - Always visible. Select the items of the objectSet.

  • + - Add selected items to this objectSet

  • - - Remove selected items from this objectSet

  • e - Edit mode. When toggled, an additional scrollList is generated below the row's objectSet which offers options on a per item level.

    • Currently left clicking any item in the list will select it. Looking into more options. Open to suggestions
  • [ nameOfASet ] - Textfield that displays the name of the set's base name. Each has an annotation with the set's full name. Additionally, each has a right click menu.

  • k - Key the items of the objectSet

  • d - Delete any curent keys of items in the objectSet

  • r - Reset the items of the objectSet

Marking Menu

Added in 2.1 in February 2018 during one of our production swings doing layout work to make working with complicated scenes easier.

The most important thing to remember with them is that for active sets, you currently set them in the ui. You also use the ui to flag the loaded sets to be working with.


Currently this marking menu shares the radial section with the animation marking menu's radial.


If you have the cgmMarkingMenu installed. Just change the mode to sets.


Object Sets Mode

The first section is one where you change you active mode. This is what the marking menu is working with.

  • UI - Quick access to the ui
  • None - When in this mode, this section does nothing. It means 'off'.
  • Active (x)- Active sets. This means those sets you have checked on in the ui. The number is the count of active sets.
  • Loaded - ALL loaded sets. So any sets you see loaded in the ui will be affected. NOT all sets in the scene.


These functions affect the sets as defined by the set mode. These work regardless of other selection and reselects original selection where possible.

  • Key - Key all objects/attrs as defined by the set mode
  • Tween - After selecting all our obj/attrs, activate our pal Morgan Loomis' fantastic dragbreakdown.
  • Delete key - ...
  • Select - ...
  • Reset - ...
  • Report - Report of active/loaded sets.


If nothing is happening on your function picks in the marking menu. Check your mode. If active mode, are any checked in the ui? Etc